A loan to buy a used car

Do not know where to take money to buy a car with mileage? Our company is ready to help you in solving this issue. We can get a loan for the purchase of a used car, besides this, our specialists are ready to pick you up a great car.
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Used car loan in Kiev

Our terms and conditions

Loan termOne-time feeInterest rate on advance
from 15%from 20%from 40%from 50%
Up to 12 mon.2%19,9%19,49%18,4%17,4%
13-24 mon.19,3%18,99%17,99%16,99%
25-36 mon.19,2%18,79%17,9%16,99%
37-48 mon.20,3%18,9%17,99%17,1%
37-60 mon.19,4%18,99%18,19%17,3%
61-84 mon.19,49%18,99%18,3%17,5%
Additional costs for a used car loan:
CASCO insurance5.99% of the value of the car in the accredited insurance company
Accidental life insurance2.99% of the loan amount
Notarized pledge agreementFrom 1200 UAH and the state duty in the amount of 0.1% of the value of the car

What to do if you urgently need a car, your financial situation is not particularly favorable, and there is no extra time to save. A good option would be to buy a cheap car. However, sometimes there is not enough money even for such vehicles. Then the only option is to buy a car on credit. 


There are many automobile companies in Ukraine, where it is possible to buy a car on credit with 0 percent. That is, you will not have to pay any interest for using credit. True, you will need to face additional costs. Banks are constantly taking commissions for processing installments, forcing to sign insurance policies, draw KASKO and so on. All these expenses can be avoided if you buy a used car on credit from our reliable company. Specialists have selected the best models and offer clients to get acquainted with them.


Avtocredit: key advantages 

Boo cars on credit from our verified company are distinguished by a number of advantages. These are:


  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan.
  • High level of service.
  • Minimum package of documents and decision on the loan within a few hours.
  • Possibility to apply directly on the site.
  • Long-term repayment without penalties and commissions from the first day of cooperation.
  • Functioning of car lending centers networks in different regions of Ukraine.

Wide choice of accredited insurance companies due to which the optimum variant under the minimal rate will be selected.

Fruitful cooperation. During application review really favourable conditions are offered.

Transparent and clear requirements: no hidden fees and charges.


Car Loan Kiev: How to get?


It is simple enough to get a car loan. For this purpose it is necessary to pass several stages:


Select the amount of financing.

  • Submit a package of documents to the bank branch or send them to the specified e-mail address.
  • To get a decision on the possibility of getting a loan within a working day.
  • Apply for a car loan.
  • Naturally, the car on credit Kiev implies the need for certain documents. We are talking about:
  • Application form for a loan.
  • Passport and ID number of the client and his spouse (you need copies of all pages).
  • A certificate of marriage or divorce.



Reference from workplace, indicating the position and income received within 6 months.

Private entrepreneurs must provide a certificate or excerpt of state registration, certificate of registration as a taxpayer, FLP report for several quarters, and so on.



To buy a car on credit from a reliable company


Buying a car on credit means to finally become the owner of the vehicle you like without having to pay its full price. Many Ukrainian banks offer a loan, and it is not always possible to choose a favorable offer. That is why it is better to take a used car on credit from us. If necessary our employees will consult you on all issues and start a fruitful cooperation.



Loan for used cars is granted on the most favorable conditions. Before you offer the above service, our staff compared different credit programs, calculated for each effective rate, the amount of overpayment on the loan and the amount of payments, so you will be able to determine the ideal conditions for the loan. By the way, it is recommended in advance to choose a convenient repayment schedule. One of these is the annuity scheme, when the size of the payment remains unchanged for the entire term of the loan. 



The firm’s staff will be happy to be able to provide information that will help you decide on a variety of issues that arise during the receipt and servicing of credit. It is also recommended to determine the most appropriate type of credit and choose the most suitable auto loan program. Clients who have already used the services of our company, were able to save themselves from many difficulties.



For example, you no longer need to search for information related to the conditions of car loans. Also, the staff, not you, will study and analyze the proposed conditions of participation in car loan programs. The staff themselves will calculate the monthly car loan payments and determine its final cost.


In case you have any questions, you can get a consultation from the manager by calling +380 (95) 317 48 17 

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