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Need to sell a pickup truck urgently?
We will promptly help you solve this issue. We specialize in the purchase of vehicles, including pickups. We offer our customers favorable conditions for sale. We buy pickups in all cities and regions of Ukraine. To find out the cost of your pickup truck now, just leave a request on our website and we will contact you immediately.

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Buy a pickup truck in Kiev

These days, many drivers want to find a company that offers pickup of a pickup truck at an adequate cost. Situations can be very different. It is about: financial difficulties, emigration or the desire to update the fleet. As a rule, in these cases, you need to sell the vehicle as quickly as possible and get a good sum for it.


Buyback of a pickup truck may also be required when the car has been wrecked, and the client wishes to purchase another vehicle as soon as possible. Therefore, it is better to contact specialized companies that offer such services. If you contact a company that has been offering pickup for many years at their real market value, is engaged in the process of reissuing documents and looking for further buyers, the client is guaranteed to meet his expectations, because he will be able to sell the vehicle as quickly as possible and buy a new one.

Fortunately, now there are a sufficient number of firms that offer a quick and safe buying. The market has really come to a completely different level. For example, the company “Auto Redemption” is considered one of the best in its field. Now buying back the best pickup trucks will definitely not be a problem. If necessary, you can always call the managers of the company and consult with them on all issues.


How the redemption of a pickup car passes


First of all, you will need to contact our company and talk to specialists who will quickly determine the initial value of the car. Then you need to make an appointment with our company representatives to have them come and personally evaluate the pickup (then it will be possible to determine the real value). If a person is initially unbiased evaluated their own vehicle, after evaluating the specialists, the price will differ by a maximum of 10 percent.

At this buyout of a pickup truck in Ukraine, of course, does not end, because you need to prepare a package of documents at once. It is a passport (or other document, which identifies the person), the passport of the pickup. If the car is not removed from the registration, you will need additional certificate of its registration. Also customers are often the rightful owners of their pickups. Then it is necessary to make a general power of attorney, to take with them Hull Insurance, MTPL and GTO card. The next issue to be resolved is to remove the car from the registration of the traffic police. At this point buying out pickups in Ukraine will be practically finished.

Sometimes it happens that the vehicle is not in perfect shape (had an accident or is too old), or you just need to buy back the pickup truck. Then most likely a contract of sale will be concluded. The firm will examine the condition of the car, get acquainted with its mileage, analyze all the faults and so on. Financial means for the vehicle can be received in any available way: both in cash and to the bank account.


Where to order pickup of a car?


If a client wants to order pickup in Ukraine, he should definitely contact our company Auto Buyback. The specialists will evaluate the car qualitatively and operatively, tell you beforehand how much it will cost. After that, employees will agree with the customer and a personal meeting at any convenient time for him. By the way, the staff works with different brands of pickup trucks with any condition. It does not matter the year of manufacture at all. Appraisers can go on a tow truck and pick up domestic or foreign pickups after an accident or inoperable condition. The company’s website also offers other services. We are talking about:

  • Urgent auto repurchase by organizations.
  • Car buyout by a car dealership.
  • Sale of cars with buyout.
  • Car buyback in any region of Ukraine.
  • Expensive car buyback.
  • Car buyback cars (cars).

If there are any additional questions, it is recommended to call the managers of the company and consult with them. The specialists will tell you how the cooperation will proceed, which advantages the client will receive and why he/she is guaranteed to meet his/her expectations. We wish you good luck and we are waiting for your calls!

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