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Car buyout in Kiev, region and Ukraine. Services of buying back cars, buying up used cars Kiev. We buy cars of any brand, any year of manufacture, in any technical condition. We'll take it with our tow truck. Instant appraisal, and any quick form of payment.
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Обмен автомобилей

Fast and profitable buy back your car

We can sell your car in 1 day!

Срочно продать автомобиль

Buying cars in Ukraine in any condition

Buy out any auto transport
in any condition!

Бесплатная оценка

Free rapid assessment by an expert

Quick and free evaluation of your car

Автовыкуп в Украине

All Ukraine We go to the seller's house

We go to any city in Ukraine

Выкуп транспорта у физ лиц

Convenient for you forms of payment

We work with
individuals and legal entities

Выкуп транспорта без выходных

Working seven days a week call 24/7

Call and leave a request
at any time convenient for you

Обмен автомобилей

Auto Selection We'll find the best option

Selecting cars by parameters, we will find the best option for you

Обмен автомобилей

Trade In service car-for-car exchange

Fast and profitable for you car for car exchange


Peculiarities of urgent car buyback

Not everyone is familiar with the service called car buyback. 

But recently it is becoming more and more in demand, as many vehicle owners become convinced of how many advantages it is characterized by. 


The specifics of the service are as follows: a specific company undertakes to find a decent buyer for the car. As a result, the owner of the vehicle will be able to sell his car under a transparent and legal scheme. In this case, the benefit is guaranteed as a company engaged in the organization of the purchase and sale, as well as the buyer and the owner, who want to quickly pull the deal.


Often auto buyout is required for people who have been involved in a road accident and have damaged their car too much. In this regard, they have a desire to sell their car as quickly and profitably as possible, buying a new car instead. 


If you order car buy-back from us, you can get rid of any repair-related issues. These will deal with other owners. The main difficulty is that it is not always easy to sell cars with severe or minor defects.

Автовыкуп в Киеве

The advantages of ordering a quick auto buyout in our company

Автовыкуп в Украине

Now, to sell a car in Kiev, no need to spend personal time, to collect additional documents necessary for registration, to negotiate with clients and tell them all the nuances. 

Right, let the specialists, who know a lot about their field. Many people may think: for sure, companies offer a low price, because part of the cost to take away, but this is a false assertion. 


As practice shows, multi-respectable clients are offered prices that are much higher compared to similar firms and ordinary buyers. If you really want to sell a car in Kiev, the best and most profitable option would be to contact us.

In our company the work is done by qualified experts, so all the bureaucratic issues they deal with independently, namely to re-register and evaluate the car. 


All that is required from the client is to apply, and then collect a package of basic documentation, confirming the ownership and identity. Without difficulties and in the shortest possible time you will be able to sell your car, regardless of its condition.

Provided the service buyback cars Kiev all comers even if the car is broken, staying in credit or are not in the best condition. Transaction is legal and executed as soon as possible.


Specialists always focus on making sure that the seller’s plans are realized. They make the most profitable offers, from which it is almost unrealistic to turn out. 


Moreover, the reputation for the specialists is also not an empty place. Sometimes the car is in such a condition that it cannot even be driven. Then the expert himself will come to the specific address and take care of the evaluation.


Car buyback Kiev from our specialists is a guaranteed solution to problematic situations with the car. 


With the help of this service you will be able to get your money in the shortest possible time, literally within a couple of days. At the same cost is slightly lower than the market, but much higher than those offered by intermediaries.


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Buy a car in any area of Kiev

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  • Obolonsky district
  • Darnitsky district
  • Pechersk district
  • Solomensky district
  • Desnyansky district
  • Podilsky district
  • Shevchenkivsky district
  • Dneprovsky district
  • Svyatoshinsky district

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