Car for car exchange in Kiev

Want to profitably exchange your car on another car under the program Trade Ying. Thanks to our company, you have such an opportunity!
Just leave an application and our specialist will contact you and offer different options for profitable car exchange.

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Trade-in: car for car exchange

Specifics of the trade-in service


Every car owner gets used to his “swallow” rather quickly, but the moment comes when it is necessary to part with it. There are a lot of different reasons for that, but the most common is the desire to get something better and faster.


The only option, which in this case instantly comes to mind is to sell the old vehicle and buy a new one. In this case there are many nuances which imply the necessity to bypass constantly the state instances, to search for potential clients, to visit auto salons in order to choose a new car.

As a result, such procedures stretch out for a couple of months. If you still do not know, there is a more profitable and faster way to do all the above, namely the service trade-in.


Yes, in Ukraine it is only becoming widespread, but soon it will surely become the most common way to buy new cars.

Trade-in Kiev means exchange of old vehicle for new one with small additional payment. Yes, sometimes the new foreign car is much more expensive, that is why customers usually pay a certain percentage extra.

It turns out, the essence of such service is the guarantee of simplicity, convenience, personal time saving in comparison with the standard schemes of purchase and sale.


Just think: all information about the sale of the car will not exactly spread outside the company.

There will be no need to look for free time to present the car to buyers who have no idea themselves whether they want to buy this particular car or not. Accordingly, the procedure is accelerated and can be completed literally in one day.


Why is better to order a trade car in our company?

Trade in Kiev from our company is a solid choice of cars from the catalog: both brand new, and with low mileage. Client has an opportunity to exchange the old car for any of the catalog cars.
A personal manager, who knows all the issues related to the deal, always cooperates with the client. He explains all the nuances and is ready to provide qualitative advice at any time.
Shortest terms related to examination, diagnostics, evaluation and exchange of the vehicle.
One hundred percent confidentiality and security of carrying out a transaction is guaranteed.
Client’s rights will be protected.
You can always ask any question about the deal and contact the manager.

Purchase of a new car is not as far-fetched a dream as you might think. Now there is an opportunity to fulfill it here and now.

As mentioned earlier, trade auto allows you to get the new cars that you have always dreamed of as quickly as possible. Do not forget about the additional benefits typical of such a sought-after service.

The cost is never underestimated, which often happens when you need to sell the vehicle to an intermediary.
Any questions regarding the registration of the transaction are solved independently, which saves time and effort.
A person will never fall into the hands of swindlers, because the delivery of the old car and obtaining a new one takes place as soon as possible and transparently.
Those who are planning to buy a new car on credit, can sell us an old car, and it will be considered as a down payment.
Short term of exchange.
You can try the new car and take a test drive before you sell the old one.

One must understand that trade in Ukraine does not cover all models available in the catalog. In this case there are variations and schemes, all depends on the particular car dealer and your preferences.


How does Trade in Ukraine procedure take place?

As you have already realized, auto trade-in procedure is simple and clear to everyone. All you need to do is to choose a new vehicle among all suggested variants and call the company representatives, who will provide you with information about the vehicle you are currently using.


If you are completely satisfied with the sum at trade-in, you can come to us for final diagnostics. In this case an important point is a detailed inspection of the car to make sure of its performance and capabilities (it is about the interior, the integrity of the body, the efficiency of the engine and other parts of the suspension and chassis). 


You should also not forget about the legal side of the issue. At the end the specialists will make a final offer for both sides.

If trade in is a completely new service for you, call us and consult on the specifics of cooperation and the like. Good luck! 

Trade-in service: much more profitable than the standard procedure.

Each person is always very careful and trembling attitude to a personal auto, because most likely you have worked hard to buy it, and if suddenly something happens to it, it hurts like for your own child. But sometimes you realize that you want something newer, more comfortable, better, of higher quality, or just more appropriate for a given moment of life.

The most common method that immediately comes to mind is to say goodbye to the old one and for the proceeds pick up the desired car. Of course, together with this immediately associates endless paperwork, visiting a dozen of instances, and not the fact that one time, as well as a lot of trips to salons in search of a new car. It would seem – there is no way to avoid it! But nowadays the Trade-in program is well-known abroad for a long time, which is an exchange of an old car for a new one.

The essence of the Trade-in service.

In general terms, the essence of the service is a mutual transaction between the company and the individual. You give away your old vehicle, and in return you get a brand new car, which you have been dreaming about for so long. Naturally, the old vehicle is unrealistic to cover the cost of a new one, so it is believed that you cover part of the amount, and the rest you pay extra. You must agree that in this way the sum is much less.

So, the essence of the Trade-in program is a simple principle – to provide the client with a new car in the shortest possible time, which the buy-sell scheme does not provide. You can imagine that the information that you decided to buy a new car will not go out of the company, you do not have to deal anymore with a mass of clients, wishing to look at the car, but not buying it, and the papers will not drive you crazy. Due to the fact that we undertake all these nuances, you can get a new vehicle in a few days, since you apply to our company.

Why our company as a representative of Trade-in service?

The Trade-in program is young enough in the expanses of our country, but we have chosen only high quality specialists, who know what they’re dealing with. In addition, the wide range of cars, which are compactly collected in the catalog, allows you to easily pick up a new variant. Among the proposed options there are both brand new cars and cars that have already passed a period of time.

Due to our extensive staff we are able to assign you one specific employee, who will be with you throughout the deal, answer any questions, and provide quality advice.

The speed of the inspection, diagnosis and evaluation is always guaranteed thanks to the competence of our staff. All procedures will be completed in just a few days, and you will be able to drive away with your new car.

When buying or selling you will have no way of keeping the purchase of your new car confidential and this may be of interest to unauthorized persons. We always protect your rights as a consumer, and guarantee the complete data will never leave the company.

We are in touch with our customers 24 hours a day so that you can contact us at any time to get an answer to your question.

As you understand – buying a new car is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight, if you do it with the Trade-in program.

Why exactly to exchange the car with surcharge?

It has already been mentioned many times that with the help of the trade-in program you can get a new car in a very short period of time. In addition to this, there are a number of advantages, which are sure to attract the measured and thoughtful people:

When buying and selling, you may run into a problem such as underpricing by an intermediary. When you turn to the Trade-in program, this option is eliminated for obvious reasons;
The unconditional solution to all problems with documentation falls on the shoulders of the company that provides the program, which removes the obligation for you to spend personal time and effort on this;
Elimination of the possibility of getting caught by swindlers, because in the Trade-in program a new car is obtained in exchange for the old one at one moment;
Checking all functions and working capacity of a new car on the spot, before the exchange and official signing of all documents.

It is important to note the moment, that in the catalog of our company, as well as any other, there are not all cars you are interested in, the list is limited by the concrete car dealership and your preferences, but in any case you always try to satisfy all your needs.

How the Trade-in program is realized in our company?

There are not many words to describe the whole process, in fact all you need to do is to choose a new car and get in touch with our managers, they will make a short survey of the car you have been using up to that moment. Thus, we will already be guided by a certain cost.

If you are satisfied with the announced option – welcome to a detailed analysis to our experts. They will make an inspection and provide an opinion, in what amount you can optimally assess the car, taking into account a number of indicators (exterior appearance, body, engine and chassis functions, etc.).

On the legal side, all the documents will already be prepared and after a couple of moments there will be an offer favorable to both parties. The whole process takes a few days, and after that you can drive away in a new car without making any significant effort.

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