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Car selection service on request
Срочный выкуп автомобилей

Selection of a car on request in Kiev

If you are looking for a good car, and you do not have time, or you are from another city, and were disappointed with the trips to view the car. And even more so if you went to another town for nothing, as what you were told does not correspond to reality. No matter how sad it is 99% of the sellers will never tell you the true condition of the car, and will paint over its condition. 


As a rule when buying a car, you need to be very serious about this, so you would not have to pay a crazy amount of money for repairs that were not taken into account when buying a car. It is also important to check the authenticity of the documents, and the state of the license plates, and the vin code of the car. To avoid trouble when buying a car, just contact us. We have extensive experience in car selection, and also know how and what you need to pay attention in the first place, we thoroughly know the mechanism of the car.


We can inspect, check, and assess the actual condition of the car if necessary and escort the car to the service station, both with you and without your participation. We will prepare a photo and video report of the robot, take pictures of the problem areas, stains, scratches, dents, etc. Determine what parts were repainted, or were replaced, if the car was hit.
Also on your car, we can meet you at the station, examine the car as with you and without you, if you need to leave in any region for the inspection of the car. Will supervise the purchase of a car from A to Z, with full support in the preparation of documents in the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
What we offer:

1. Check the paint coat auto.
2. On the presence of the original auto glass, and factory seams.
3. Check the running gear, gearbox, in the test drive mode.
4. Photo and video report of all problem places.
Price of the service: 500-600 UAH, (one car) if the departure to the region is negotiated individually!
5. Additional service: computer diagnostics of the car, with a photo report on the presence of errors in the electronics system,
price – 200 UAH.


You send us on Vaiber up to 10 options for the model you are interested in.
We call the sellers of cars, arrange a meeting, we are looking around. For each car, we do a photo report. We select the best, accompanied by a complete re-registration to the service center for you:
Budget to 10000$ – service price $ 200, the price of services with a good bargaining $ 300
Budget up to $200000 – price of the service $300, price of the service with a good bargain $400

We thoroughly know our work, and will save you from buying junk; we will detect errors, malfunctions, and tell you the true condition of the car! This will significantly affect the price of the car, also we will assist in a good sound bargaining!
And our services will pay back immediately!!!! Call!!! Will be glad to help!

Tel / Viber: 095-317-48-17 – Call from 8.00 to 22.00.

PS. We are not interested in you anything to sell, our interest is to find you a decent car. 

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